Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where Have we been??

Well, for one thing I can tell you we have been safe at home, our new home of approximately one month, riding out this nasty storm!
Thank goodness we have escaped with minor damages, we lost our fence, but it was definitely needing some repair. One car windshield got cracked, but we never lost power. Thank the Lord!
My kids have been out of school since Monday and guess what??? No school tomorrow either!
They did get to go trick or treating tonight, which was a saving grace because Sandy had pretty much robbed them of any fun all week!!
Pictures to follow once I get icloud synced up on this computer. My computer died about a week ago so I am slowly making my way over to a newer one.

So, I guess I will be trying to post regularly again. I have a few friends and family poking at me to post pictures and let you know what the boys and I are up to.

CJ is now in 1st grade with a super awesome teacher and lots of old friends. He just finished fall soccer and really enjoyed it. He will be celebrating his 7th birthday on Monday.
Coop has started his first year of Pre-School and loves every minute of it. If he could go to school everyday he would be one happy boy. He loves playing with his friends and I am told he enjoys the dress up area at school...he has been known to patrol the kids in the police costume on any given day!

We have been blessed to find the most perfectly suited home for us. We bought a beautiful Tudor in September and are slowly adding our own personal touches to make it ours.
The boys are loving it. They have a great play room in the basement and a lovely back and front yard. It is such a wonderful neighborhood. Lots of kids. It is our own little piece of heaven.

I will be sure to post some pictures of the house too. We have made some renovations, central air was the first thing we did. Yes, this is a great time of year to do it if you were thinking of it.
That way we are all set come spring/ summer. Best thing we could have ever done.
We have lots more to do, but we have time.

So that's all she wrote for tonight.

Happy Halloween!!

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