Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting Ready For School

I can't believe it is almost August!
Time is flying by and school is just around the corner.
Casey will be going to Kindergarten!!
{still can't believe it}

I have always been crazy about back to school shopping.
I loved picking out my school supplies...still do!

We don't have a list yet, but I have been stocking up on
some of the great deals at Target.

I am obsessed with labeling everything
and I have been searching for some simple
labels for school supplies.

I saw this deal on another blog at Vistaprint.

140 personalized labels for $3.41 - includes shipping.
{I think you can get it as cheap as $3.11, but it takes longer}

Here is what I chose:

I did Casey's name {first and last}
with 140 labels I think we are set for awhile!

You can go here to check out the deal for yourself.

Happy School Shopping!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where Oh Where Have We Been?

Summer is just flying by.
Camp started last week for Casey and he loves it.

He did however, come home Monday afternoon
with a pretty high fever, which
has turned into a viral thing.
{yay...missed 2 days of camp already}

Guess what?

He is going back tomorrow.
Two days of being home and he is bored out of his mind!!

So, I think its safe to say he is feeling much better.

It has been so hot here.
Ridiculously hot.
I am really a Fall person.

Anyhow, the kids came along to the supermarket today...
remember they were bored.

And I promised a reward for good behavior...

Can you guess what their reward was?

Thank goodness for those ridiculous car carts!

Here's my haul.
I paid $23, that includes tax.
I had a coupon for everything except the ice pops.
But they were my bribe, and they were on sale!

What are you up to this week?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trip To Target

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.
We have been getting ready for camp next week and
slowly stocking up.
Here is a trip we took to Target this morning:

total out of pocket = $10.01

  • eggs = $.99 with target mailer coupon
  • bread = free with target mailer coupon
  • Kool-Aid Jammers = $1.70 on sale
  • (2) Lunchables = $.99 each with target mailer coupon
  • (2) Kraft Salad Dressing = $.59 each - $1/2 target printable coupon & $1/2 manufacturer coupon
  • Cottonelle Wipes = $.89 each - on sale for $2.01 each - used target printable $1.25/2 & $1/2 manufacturer coupon.
  • Scotch tape - free with $1 printable manufacturer coupon
  • (2) Papermate packs of pens - $.02 each with 2 target printable coupons for $1 off each
  • Sally Hansen nail polish - $.04 -used $1 off target printable and $1 off printable manufacturer coupon
  • Sharpie pens - $.52 - used $1 off target printable coupon
Not bad. I did it in two transactions because of the coupons.
The cashier was not very nice.
One of the Target coupons was not going and she insisted I did not have the item.
Even argued with me over it until I pulled it out of the bag and proved to her she did scan it.

Why must they be so nasty??
I am a legit couponer!

Anyhow, this is the exciting stuff going on over here.
The boys are water logged from swimming everyday at Grammy's.
The weather is forcasted to be yucky tomorrow, but the weekend is supposed to be nice!

Hope you enjoy the day!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Quick Trip to CVS

Not very exciting, but I got all this
for $3.60 including tax.

-Simply Smart milk on sale 2 for $5 - used $1 hood printable coupon
-Dove soap $4.39 - used $4 coupon from RP insert
-Almay mascara - $8.49 - on clearance for $2.12 -used $1 coupon
-Oreo minis - $1 each - used Nabisco $1 off 2

Not bad for a quick trip!

Always check clearance and bring your coupons with you!

Don't forget to swipe your CVS card when you walk in. It printed out 3 coupons Dove bars, Twizzlers and Pringles.

Have a super weekend! Happy Fourth!