Monday, October 17, 2011

Getting a Jump Start on the Holidays!

I know some of you may think its a tad too early to be thinking about the holidays, or maybe I am just plain crazy...but I think its better to be ahead of the game than fall hopelessly behind.

I love the holiday season and I love having more time to spend enjoying it rather than worrying if my cards are done, the gifts are bought and the menu is planned.

I love sending photo cards for the holidays and I love receiving them as well.

I am a loyal customer to I have used them for my holiday cards, birthday notes and several photo books. I have never been disappointed and I love the wonderful selection they offer.

This year I was thrilled to see the new selections for holiday cards.

I think my favorite is the Merry Bright ZigZag.

I love the pop of colors and the youthfulness it lends. It truly represents our crazy, fun family!

It is also a pretty neutral holiday greeting which fits our family well. Not too holiday-ish.

I like that it is simple and to the point without being flashy.

I also love the “What Fun” card.

I am just loving the rainbow color over the black and white photo.

Now, I may decide to go a little more “formal” and I do think the “Tree all Aglow” is so pretty with a black and white photo.

{can you guess we will probably be using a black and white photo?}

I usually do one of just the boys, but I love the way this family photo looks.

Really, there are so many beautiful and fun cards to choose from. I am certain you can find one that suits your family’s personality.

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