Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School Days

We officially entered Kindergarten!
So far we love it!

Here are a few first day photos...
{Please excuse the quality...it was dark and yucky that day}

{you know I had to coordinate their outfits}

{they love being silly for the camera...you know I wanted a nice shot!}

{Coop's face cracks me up...this is his serious/mad face}

{Poor Coopie...he was asking, "Where's Case?"...all day!!

He was getting it confused with where daddy goes and was telling us
"Case at work"!
Now he knows he's at school.
We love his teacher, she is so sweet and kind.
Adjusting to all day school has not been easy, but he is a pro now.
He is lucky to have his older cousin at school...which has been a complete Godsend!!
{Thanks Han!!}
So fingers crossed for a super year!

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