Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY Powder Room

We moved into our late 1920's Tudor at the end of September.
With all the settling of unpacking and school stuff we really didn't have the time 
and money to start on any projects.
The house is very charming, except for the bathrooms.
Our upstairs bath is definitely a 1980s redo - gasp!
But since we are the only ones that venture upstairs it is on the back burner. 
Maybe I'll be brave enough to photograph it for you one day, but its me.
But the powder room was needing some serious TLC and since guests use it that had to
be a priority.

So here is the before:

Just in case you can't make out that magnificent wall paper here is a closer look:

I honestly could afford the basics in this room so no budget for a steamer.
The paper was starting to peel in spots so we just "helped" it along and this is what was left.
The underside of the gross wallpaper!

We googled "DIY wall paper removal" and it said liquid fabric softener and warm water.
Great! Everything was sitting in the basement ready to go.
We sprayed and let it sit a bit and this is what happened:

It was just peeling off so easily.
We did remove the mirror and the switch plate.
We worked around the toilet which was the hardest part.

FYI, I am one of those spur of the moment DIYers. If mood strikes I am all on.
This was all sparked by me ripping a piece of wallpaper and now needing to complete 
this whole project.
Do yourself a favor and make sure you remove the molding and trim as well as the sink
before you start something like this.
We had to stop several times because we were just that into the amazement of the removal
of the wallpaper!
We were taking turns because the smell of the fabric softener was sickening after awhile.
you will thank me later.

So here is the bare bath which needed to be sanded and patched.

I did take off the hardware and attempt to spray paint it black. The handles on the
door were fine, but the towel and toilet paper holders were not looking so great.

We did get a new faucet and bath accessories to spruce it up a bit.

We painted the trim and molding white and used left over paint from our bedroom.
It is a pale grayish color - its BEHR -"Silver Drop".

So here is the after:

I hate the mirror, but just didn't have enough time to find something I liked.
For now it is fine.
I think it looks cleaner and neater and definitely more presentable than
that awful wallpaper.

At least I'm not cringing overtime I walk by it!

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