Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where Oh Where Have We Been?

Summer is just flying by.
Camp started last week for Casey and he loves it.

He did however, come home Monday afternoon
with a pretty high fever, which
has turned into a viral thing.
{yay...missed 2 days of camp already}

Guess what?

He is going back tomorrow.
Two days of being home and he is bored out of his mind!!

So, I think its safe to say he is feeling much better.

It has been so hot here.
Ridiculously hot.
I am really a Fall person.

Anyhow, the kids came along to the supermarket today...
remember they were bored.

And I promised a reward for good behavior...

Can you guess what their reward was?

Thank goodness for those ridiculous car carts!

Here's my haul.
I paid $23, that includes tax.
I had a coupon for everything except the ice pops.
But they were my bribe, and they were on sale!

What are you up to this week?

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